Jun 19, 2017

{Family, Fun and Giveaway}

I surely hope that you all have had a great weekend and that your week will bring lots of blessings your way. I have sure have had a good weekend.Anytime it's spent with family or friends it's good.

Don't you just love my little sign? My daughter Melissa and I and her two girls had a shopping day and we went to Books A Million. I spotted this little sign and I knew it would be perfect for my little room. Which in reality it is my home office but will always be my little room. More on that later!

I am reminded quite often the words of this sign.

The youngest grandgirl wanted Nana to read to her so down in the floor I went. Now let me go ahead and tell you that getting down in the floor wasn't half bad. GETTING UP? See here, I thought I was fixing to have to call SECURITY to come get me out of that floor! 

That grandgirl loved every minute of it though. 

Then a trip to Academy was in store and this little thing cracks me up.  She is a "people person" all the way and quickly made friends with the headless man! LOL! She had to try on helmets, then she found a little track she needed to run on and do her daily exercise and of course she needed to sit and rest.

There is never a dull moment when she is around. 

We made our way to Panera's, one of my favorite places to eat. The girls got to have their dessert first! YEP, that's what I am talking bout! We had lots of fun shopping.

Of course Nana had to try on different hats. 

I sorta like the Tiara the best.

But my favorite picture of the day was with these two cuties.

We had such a good day and then me and man made a trip the next day to none other than Bass Pro Shop. I really needed wanted some new hunting boots.

YEP, I was a happy camper...or huntress! 

And my youngest daughter was a happy huntress as well as she got Mama's older boots! Which looks just like they did the day I bought them but I love the "SHE" products for the outdoor woman. 

After several more stops my final destination was a trip to Bealls outlet. I always find something there and I especially love to browse through their spices and condiments. You can get the neatest stuff! I love Vidalia Onion and peppercorn dressing and when I saw this in a reusable carafe...well that was like getting two things for the price of one. I use olive oil all the time and this one has lemon and parsley! YAY! I have a recipe I am wanting to try that calls for Sriracha so it came home with me too. Sriracha has become one of the most popular condiments on the market, and for good reason. It adds a kick to your recipes and actually makes what might seem kind of boring exciting to eat! LOL! My man said I have watched entirely too many episodes of Chopped! TRUE! I can't use it to heavily as I love spicy but it HATES ME!  We love Salmon and I am wanting to try out a new salmon recipe with a Sriracha glaze.

Then I was gifted these beautiful paper roses! Oh my! LOVE them!  My first idea was to create a piece for my wall in my little room on canvas with fabric and using some of the paper roses. 

I am still not quite sure what I will come up with but I actually love this paper rose sitting in my chair.

We finished off the weekend with church and dinner with my family and celebrated Father's Day with the men in our life along with my soninlove, Jered's birthday. 

FAMILY.....God's gift.

Oh, and most of you know how much I love cooking with herbs, especially those I have grown. I have several heirlooms that I must take the time to snap a picture for you to see. My Rosemary has done me well this season. In honor of my little herbs doing so well I want to have a giveaway. 

Some months back I showed you all a picture of this cute salt and pepper shaker that I had bought. I actually bought two sets with intentions of gifting one set. So...now I will be sending it to one of you along with this cute hand towel.

All you have to do is tell me what is your favorite herb to cook with. Winner will be announced next week.

In closing I would like to leave this with you today.
God has no problems....only plans
Corrie Ten Boom 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


Jun 13, 2017

{Tried and True with a few Reviews}

I hope that you all are having a great day. I'm playing house in my little room. LOL! I've had this teapot for years. It holds a lot of sentimental value for me. A dear friend that lost her battle with cancer years ago gifted me this sweet teapot.  She was our former Church Secretary and a lady of grace and dignity. It was a pretty bronze color when she gifted it to me but over the years the color faded. The last few years it has sit on my front porch on a tea cart. I decided it would be perfect in my new room with shades of gray and red. Amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do.

 I must show you my new shoes that I purchased from a friend that sells Avon. I just love them. Don't you?

 I love it when others share things that they like or things they have found helpful. Most of you know I do love me some lipstick and I always have a tube of some kind of lipstick. Matter of fact I keep this pouch in my purse.

 A friend that knows my Lipstick addiction gave me this cute little bag. Just recently after my husband cleaned out my car he said, "Do you know how many tubes of lipstick you have in that little cubby hole in your car? LOL! I said oh yes, I do. Then he laughed when I showed him the tubes in my purse, tucked inside my Bible for church, in the bathroom, in the glove compartment in car, and yes, even in my little room! LOL! 

You never know when you might need a little dental floss, mints, money and lipstick! Right?

Speaking of lipstick or any kind of cosmetics I am not one that uses a particular brand. If I like it, I buy it. I use all different types of brands of makeup. However my skin is so sensitive that I do have to be careful when it comes to things for the face or eyes. For makeups that REALLY work for me, yes, I stick with it! Like facial cleaner. I've used Cetaphil for years as it has been tried and true for me! But let's get back to the lipstick. I found two new colors that I really like and both are all day lipsticks! 

This was a new color that Loreal came out with. The number on it says 207. One end is the lipstick and other end is gloss. The pros for me: The color is so very pretty. It stays on all day! And when I say all day for me that is a PLUS! The first time I used it I put it on at 7:30 am and at 9:30 pm I had to scrub it off. The cons for me: I found myself using the gloss several times during the day as my lips felt too dry. Oh, and you most definitely need to exfoliate your lips as they will not feel smooth with any lipstick but especially long lasting lipsticks. 
I usually buy makeup products from Walgreen's when they have a sale. Like, buy one and get one 50% off. I watch for the sale ads. This particular one cost around $13 but I got a buy one and get another product half off which I will share about it maybe next week.

My latest favorite is this pretty color called Stellar Sunrise by Revlon

I like the way this lipstick feels as it has the gloss in it so it's one application and not two. The pros for me: Has a gloss shine to it in one application. Pretty color. Stayed on all day. Cons for me: Stayed on all day and though it advertised for either 16-or 24 hours (I can't remember) I did find myself having to reapply. I also purchased this at Walgreen's. The cost was around $12 but they had this one on sale for $6. 
I like both but I think If I had to pick which one would be my favorite I would go with the Revlon. I just liked the way it felt better.

Speaking of makeup I always seem to drop makeup, smear makeup or somehow I get makeup on my bathroom counter when putting on my makeup. So, I keep a container of wet wipes under my counter and they really serve as two purposes for me. 1: I can use one to wipe makeup off my fingers. 2: When I am through with using my makeup I wipe down my counter. It sure keeps clean ups a breeze by doing it that way. It doesn't matter to me what kind of wipes either. If I see some cheap ones, I grab them. If I see some name brand on sale, I grab them. Sure makes my makeup mishaps easier to clean up.

Love these little Breakfast flats. You can get different kinds and I usually buy the different kinds but this is one of my favorites. I am not a breakfast eater. Well, if I wait till around 10 or 10:30 am then yes, I can sit down and eat a full breakfast but for me that is not always doable. So, these make for a good little breakfast for me with my coffee while driving to work or an easy grab for me around 9:30 or so. My man eats a big breakfast on Saturdays usually but through the week with his long hours this works great for him too as he is driving to work and he adds a piece of fruit and he has a healthy little breakfast.

Sometimes I like this on a piece of toast.

A friend of mine told me about both of these products. I am a Peter Pan gal but decided to give the peanut butter a try. They both taste good and sure makes a plain piece of toast taste lots better or a great peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk! Both can be purchased at Walmart. 

Now to dry out some sage from my little herb garden........


And then to carry a friend a small gift. Her on little "pool party" necessities. 

I hope that you all enjoy the day that the Lord has given you.  Remember, take a little time out of the busyness of life to show a little kindness to another.

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Jun 6, 2017

{Did I tell y'all how much I love my Tea-Coffee Set up?}

I know I have showed you all my little set up for tea and coffee in my little room before right?

 I have so been enjoying a cup of tea in my little room while working on a project or on my computer. My man says that I am just playing house in my room. LOL! 

I've been enjoying my different flavored teas that my friend Debbie Ray sent to me so much.

 I love all the different flavors....
Wish you could smell this brewing.

 This one is my favorite. But I love anything with mint.

Oh so very good.

 I also love coffee. I've been looking for the little filters everywhere for my little one cup pot and figured I was going to have to order some online. But, while shopping at Publix look what I found?

This made me a Happy Camper!

So, I gathered up my coffee stuff for my room.

 I like all different types of coffee as well but my all time go to is Black Silk

Yep, think I have a good little set up with coffee and tea now.

What is really great is that our guest bathroom is right outside the hall from my little room so I can grab water from there. Or I can grab a bottled water from my cabinet from my desk. Either way is good by me. My water from faucet is good old well water so you can't go wrong either way. 

 YEP, think I'm going to enjoy this a LOT! My man has asked, "Do you plan to live in that room? My answer, "It all depends on you! LOL! 

I hope that you all had a great weekend and are having a good week. I surely have. Had a pool party with the girls and grands over the weekend. Done a a little shopping and today I made a bread pudding. 

I hate throwing left over bread, buns or rolls away that is on the verge of being out of date. Most often I freeze them to use later for a recipe or I feed it to the fish in my pond. But, decided to use some left over rolls and make a bread pudding. 

 Here's the recipe should you want to make some.

Simple Bread Pudding: 
4 cups of bread cubed.
2 eggs beaten
2 cups of milk
1/4 cup of butter, melted
1/2 cup of sugar
1 teaspoon of cinnamon-ground
Take a small casserole dish, maybe about 1 1/2 to 2 quart one and layer your bread in it. Then take your eggs that has been well beaten and add your other ingredients to the egg mixture and mix well. Pour mixture over your bread and pat it down with hands so the bread will soak the juices in. Bake in preheated oven (350) for 40-45 minutes. 
Add a little vanilla ice cream and WA LA! 

Hoping you all have a good rest of the week and weekend. 

And...look for someone to share Jesus with. I doubt you will have to look too far.

 Hugs and blessings, Cindy