Mar 12, 2018

{Kitchen Makeover Is Moving Along}

Before we go to the kitchen I wanted to show you my newest addition to my laundry room. 

We have a cute place in our town called "Deerly Blessed" and I just love to browse in there. I spotted this cute washboard and knew it would be perfect for my laundry room. 

Okay, so I told you last week that I had made a little mistake on my cabinets that caused me to LIKE them right? As I shared, our cabinets are 25 years old and we had the cabinets custom built, solid oak. I thought about re-staining and I thought about painting them. Decided to give them a good old fashion elbow scrubbing! OH MY! That turned in to more of a job that I thought. Marty had brought something home for me to clean them with and I used it. It seemed to dull them up worse than they already were. Granny used to use Murphy's oil and Old English polish in which now they make different kinds for every type of wood possible. So, I bought some Murphy's oil that is also good for wood floors and I cleaned those cabinets good. TWO round of cleaning! 

The walls had been washed and we had covered the holes in the walls with the Spackle and the painters tape was up at this point. As you can see this is what the cabinets looked like before I cleaned them. Not a very good picture but it gives you an idea of how dull they were. My cabinets are in good shape but oh so dull.

 I had bought Old English polish. Well, they make it for light and dark wood. I thought I bought the one for light wood. Needless to say I bought the one for dark wood. I decided I would try it in a small spot that no one would see if it looked bad. I LOVED IT! The cabinet on the left was the original color. The one on the right is the color I achieved by purchasing the wrong English Polish. After two coats of that and then a good buffing I loved how they turned out! All the deep wood colors popped. After two days of cleaning, waxing, buffing, polishing and buffing again I was happy. My BACK wasn't though!

 I chose to go with a Light French Gray for my kitchen. LOVE the color. I love the Sherwin Williams paint. The awesome thing was that this paint goes on thick and the guy said usually one coat will do it unless your walls are really dark to begin with or just flat out bad places in the wall. The paint went on beautifully and one coat was all that we had to paint!   HALLELUJAH! 

Old paint color on left and new paint color on right. I can't believe how much lighter my kitchen already looks.  

YEP, organization of pantry will be on my list soon! All trim work has been painted. We chose designer white for the trim in whichI had some left over from a previous painting project. And wouldn't you know that I had just enough to finish several projects we worked on.

Base board and pantry door has been purchased. Next will be to install the baseboard and pantry door and then the next thing on my list will be hardware. And then lighting, curtains, recovering my bench, and good grief, my list is long.
I'm going to hush before I overwhelm myself! 

One day at a time Sweet Jesus

 You gotta have a little fun though and it didn't take me long to say "YES, I would love to go shopping and out to eat with you girls". LOL! I had a lovely day with these gals as we enjoyed a nice lunch at Mellow Mushroom and we shopped at some antique shops. I REFRAINED from buying any more dishes! I will admit that I carried those darling snack plates around for 30 minutes and finally put them back! I did come home with a beautiful tray that I plan on doing a little makeover on.

We ended our day with a little ice cream. That actually made me feel better about not purchasing those snack plates!

Finished up after Sunday dinner with a little fishing in the back yard, pop sickles and some good fellowship with the family. 

Glad you gals are coming along with me for my makeover. 

GOD IS GOOD and He is GOOD all the time.

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Mar 5, 2018

{The Kitchen Makeover Has Begun}

I have been wanting to do a makeover in my kitchen every since we put in new granite counter tops. But...I forgot all the work that goes with a makeover! When it's us women getting a makeover all we have to do is sit there! With a kitchen makeover we have to do all the work!

The fun has started so I must see it through. Walls are bare. Curtains and blinds down.We had to Spackle some holes....let's not discuss that too much as it makes my man fighting mad to put a hole in the wall.  Needless to say we will be using something different to hang my pretties and I have some new pretties stashed in my She-shed.

One thing is for certain, I have gotten lots of cleaning done in the kitchen. Pantry door will be coming down. Baseboard coming up soon. Lots of small and big projects taking place. WHEW, I am already tired.

Everything that needed to be taped has been. I walk in my kitchen and see, blue!
A trip to Sherwin Williams has taken place and samples of paint brought home.

And tons of pictures saved on kitchens that look a lot like my kitchen does. My kitchen and dining room is one large room with a kitchen bar that kinda-sorta separates the two. I have a rustic type home and my main decor in kitchen has been more of a mountain home look in which I have loved. I am not veering too far away from my rustic look as it suits us perfectly or maybe because I am feeling pretty "rustic" in age right about now. LOL!  But decor will be kicked up a notch or two. Can't wait to show you some of my decor I have stashed away.  

Web image

The outside of cabinets has been cleaned and I am talking cleaned! I have washed down, waxed down, buffed down and was DOWN in my back...but they are clean! I have always loved my cabinets. They are solid oak and we had our cabinets custom built 25 years ago. I went back and forth on whether to paint, re-stain or what! I have looked at pictures of several of my friend's cabinets and I decided to stay with the natural solid oak that I had, same color but spruce them up a tad.  I will share next week how one tiny mistake that I made winded up making me very happy with my cabinets. Now to look at hardware! Have you priced kitchen cabinet hardware lately?

We worked up a hunger for sure so we fixed us some blackened Tilapia on my granny's old iron skillet frying pan sitting on the gas grill. Whipped up some fresh steamed cauliflower and broccoli and YUM is all I can say!

Spent some time with this cutie one afternoon and needless to say, she is one busy little gal.

And in the midst of our busy weekend we watched the grandson play in his final basketball game of the season at our church. He is the one on the right in the dark blue on the shoulders of his friend.

Finished up the weekend with dinner and watching the grandgirl play outside on a beautiful day.

My peach trees blossomed a few weeks. I love the pretty color.

Now I have some baby peaches. YAY! Well that is if the next frost we get doesn't strike! You never know about the weather in Florida.

I hope you all have a great week. Back to the kitchen for me every spare moment I get.

Strength From God
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Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Feb 27, 2018

{The Celebration Is Winding Down}

I have tried to celebrate my birthday for a month now so guess it's time to move on.....
But, it has been a great birthday and I thank you all for the sweet birthday notes and the cards with gifts of TEA! Love it!

Daytona Beach was our first destination of celebrating. Marty and I both wanted a time of relaxing and for the most part we done just that. We went on a Scenic Dinner cruise and it was so very relaxing. Very low key cruise and laid back. Awesome food and 70's music playing. Needless to say we could hum right along with some of those old tunes. 

The weather was beautiful that day and couldn't have been any more perfect for a boat ride.

 When we passed this sign it brought back memories of 40 years ago. Holy Hill is where we spent our honeymoon. We laughed as we were so young and wondered, "How did we even know how to get there". NO GOOGLE MAPS back then! 

After our scenic dinner cruise we done a little shopping. Well, I done a little shopping. My man just walked around and tried to encourage me that "I did not NEED that probably". LOL! We then went to St. Augustine where we had a little sweet place at an Inn on the harbor. 

The little Inn was really sweet. They like to call it "Condotels". It's the luxury of a condo with a hotel twist. Each unit is owned by someone different and each room is totally different. The one we stayed in was two levels. You walked down into the living area space from the bedroom. A condotel has the luxury of a condo with full size coffee pot, not a one cupper as my man would say, along with lots of extras such as blankets, pillows, full size living room area, two tv's and more. Our unit also had a fireplace.  Of course we had the norm of a hotel with iron, blow dryer, toiletries, microwave as well as a mini fridge but with a freezer. All of our coffee and teas was furnished daily as well as a morning box of fresh baked pastries and fruit from The Bistro which served breakfast and lunch. 

We enjoyed our breakfast treats with coffee each morning on the patio overlooking the harbor. At night the harbor was really pretty. Lights from everywhere glistened on the harbor. Everything was quiet and peaceful. My kind of evening.

 We spent a day on the beach. Me and my daughter Melissa calls it our Happy Place as we both love the beach. Needless to say the water in February was NOT swimming water by any means. I couldn't hardly stand to stick my feet in it. Which to be honest, I do not care about the beach water.  But oh do I love laying in my chair and reading a good book as I listened to the waves. Which speaking of books, this is my 2nd read of "One Church, Four Generations" and it is a great read and eye opening.  

One night we enjoyed pizza from Vinny's pizza which is very good and enjoyed a display of fireworks. 

Found me a thrift store. Bet that doesn't shock you huh? Isn't she just a pretty little thing? She's not a adult size. More a child size but for $3.99 I just had to have her. Going to give her a good spray paint as there are a few places that need touching up.  

We had reservations at the Columbia one night and enjoyed that. Walked around the old streets of St. Augustine and listen to a little music. Well, and people watched. Mercy, that alone can be an eye opener! 

The gift shop at the Columbia has tons of dishes. YES, I disciplined myself and did not come home with not one dish! Not from the Columbia....

 I did find a pair of comfy shoes. No, nothing prissy this time but oh so comfortable. Good walking shoes.

 We ended our trip at Carrabba's before heading home. I must say that this was a most relaxing trip and a wonderful birthday. I am grateful for the opportunity to celebrate life. God is good to me. Always has been and always will be. And can I tell you a little secret? I would have been just as happy celebrating at home, sitting in my backyard by the pond with my man, grilling a steak. Sometimes, it's not so much where we go than it is the change of scenery and change of scenery is good for us all. Don't minsuncerstand me, I love to go and do things. Life is short! But, I am just as content with my life as I can be. Love matter where I am. Thank you all for celebrating with me. know? The month isn't quite over......LOL! 

Joining Deb this week for Foto Friday.

Hugs and blessings, Cindy