Aug 15, 2017

{Let's Have A Little Fun and a little share time}

I thought we might have a little fun this week but first I must share this. I am so humbled at the transparency of so many of you with my last post concerning your deepest prayer need right now. I want you to know that for those of you that shared that I stopped and prayed for you. I am truly humbled at your being real with your needs and more humbled that the Lord would allow me the opportunity to stop and pray for you. 

There is power in prayer!

Okay so, let's have some fun and a little sharing today. 
1: What has been the most embarrassing thing that you have done up to this point in life?

2: If you could only pick one place to live beside the place you currently live, where it would it be and why?

3: What is a phrase that you find yourself saying that you heard your entire life by a parent or grandparent?

Last one: What Bible character at this time of your life do you feel that you relate too the most? 

Before I answer these questions I have to share a few pictures with you. I bet that somehow you knew that I would didn't you? LOL! 

It's back to school as you know and every year my daughter Melissa does a picture of her girls on the first day of school. Each year their choices of "What they want to be" change of course. Our Mallory (one on the left) has wanted to be a teacher, a designer, a zookeeper,  a nurse and this year she wants to be an Optometrist.  Well, that little thing on the left wanted to be a Princess and now a MERMAID! I love it! Who wouldn't want to be a Princess or Mermaid, right? 

These two grands came to stay with me at my office for a few hours and I put them to WORK! They done such a good job that I might let them come again to my work. LOL! 

I carried lunch and joined this sweet girl at school. She was excited. But, I am not sure if she was more excited that Nana came to have lunch with her or the fact that I made her her favorite soup, Broccoli and cheese soup! 

 She said it was better than Panera! I will take that. 

And my answers to the questions:

1:  While eating with my man at a seafood restaurant I had to take a potty break. I am quite sure it had something to do with the 3 rounds of ice tea. About the time I was half way back to our table I realized the toilet paper was hanging out of the back of my pants and I drug it half way across the restaurant. YEP, I did! I just turned around and went back to the restroom and tossed the toilet paper. I acted as nothing happened. 

2: Well, this is answer is simple. It would be in St. Augustine Florida.  My man has worked there for years and it is about an hour and half commute one way and that isn't counting if traffic is bad. Which most afternoons it is! I have said for years that he spends more time there than at home and we should move. Of course I was teasing because if I moved I would make my children all move too.  We all live in the same county! YES, I am blessed. But, If I truly had to choose another place, it would most defiantly be St. Augustine.

3: I have many phrases and sayings and some I can't repeat! LOL! But one that comes to mind and I say often was said many times by my granny. "It's a great life if you don't weaken". So very true are those words.  

And last question: I guess it would be King David. "A man after God's own heart". David made lots of mistakes in his life. MANY actually. But, regardless of his imperfections, downfalls and shortcomings, He truly loved the Lord. I can relate to David. I am just so glad that the Lord loves me just like I am. However, He doesn't want to leave me where I am! I am a work in progress.

Leaving you with this food for thought today:

 Web image

Hugs and blessings, Cindy



Aug 8, 2017

{Glimpse of Life and a Question for You}

Aren't my window plants (as my man calls them) just pretty ? I have two of these window plants on my She-Shed outside and they have thrived all summer despite the heat.  

My Morning Glory has taken off growing too. A dear friend of mine and co/bible study leader gave out flower seeds one night in Bible Study and mine was Morning Glory. As soon as my Morning Glory was big enough to take out of the pot I planted it in the ground and I cannot wait for it to bloom. 

My sister Mary gave me a new sign for my little office at home. I love it. Funny thing was the day she gave it to me I had just had the opportunity to share with someone the power of prayer and how I had seen first hand God answer prayer on behalf of myself, my children, grandchildren and our church. Then my sister winds up at Walmart and gets into a deep conversation with a lady on the power of prayer. Ain't God just good?

Yep, I think I like right it there.

I had a fun day with these three girls. We went shopping and out to eat and to the hair salon. That baby hasn't had a hair cut yet. I know there will come a time when she will need some trimming but for now, she is happy just sitting in the little car that the little kids get to sit in when they get a hair cut.

She's too busy eating chocolate chip cookies to get a hair cut. LOL! 

My oldest two grands are just growing up too fast for me. Can't believe I have a teenage grandgirl. My grandson is getting ready to play another season of football. Fun times ahead.

  I snapped a few pictures of these two grand girls while at the beach. Needless to say I've had a hard time picking my favorite.


Sorry for the picture overload of the girls but dang, too many good ones not to share,right? 

Well ONE MORE....

Well, this is another chapter in my life my friends. I hope you all have a great week. I do have a question for you today though. What is it that you are desperate for God to do in your life right now? He is only a prayer away.  

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Jul 31, 2017

{The Tans may fade but the Memories will last Forever}

Our family had a wonderful time together on our beach vacation. There is just something about those ocean waves and salt air that I love!

The good thing is we only had to drive about and hour and a half to our destination so it made you feel like you were on vacation but yet close enough to go back home if you needed too. 

And...late in the afternoons we spent our time by the pool which made it nice. 

We even had our very own live mermaid! The cutest thing was that our granddaughter Mallory would swim around with that mermaid tale on in the pool and there was one little girl that said to her brother with her eyes so big, "Look, there's a real mermaid"She had all the little girls attention.

We enjoyed our grands so much and I can assure you that little thing probably walked 100 miles on that beach.

Beach hair and we didn't care!

Nothing like family....

This girl decided to rest and matter of fact, she took several naps on the beach. 

She wasn't the only one that napped.

Soninlove got in a few zzzzz's.
Our sand castles became a family affair. 

Several of us got a little reading in. My daughter Kristy read a book. My granddaughter Mallory read a book and I managed to read two books. Nothing like reading a good book on the beach.

Had fun coloring each other's hair.

 We went crab hunting a couple of nights and that is the most fun ever! Listening to the kids and "grownups" squeal is a hoot!

Speaking of crabs, we headed out one morning only to see this CRAB sitting next to the door. YES, he was alive too! 

We had some good eating too. We took turns cooking our evening meals but we also went out to eat several times.

Great places to eat with beautiful scenery and atmosphere.

We even went out for ice cream...which just happened to be across the road from he condos.

This gal loves her some beach. She loves to boogie board and I think she wants to take up surfing.

That is when she's not doing a Coke commercial! LOL!

It was sure nice to go to bed when you wanted too and to get up when you wanted too and NO hair fixing and NO makeup! That was vacation for me! 

Well, except when we went out to eat....

This little cutie was ready to go anytime and anywhere.

Yep, lots of memories made in the sand.

 One morning while having my coffee I couldn't help but think about the families that never do anything together unless it's a holiday or an absolute Have-too! I thought about several families that I know that can't stand being in the same room with one another.  I told the Lord that very morning to not EVER let me take my family for granite. We are so very blessed.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you....

I spotted Santa and his head elf on the beach. 

 I guess even Santa needs a little beach time.

 Hugs and blessings,