May 14, 2018

{Tea Cup and Mug Exchange}

One of my favorite things to participate in with sister blogger's is the Tea Cup and/or Mug Exchange. The lovely Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose hosts a lovely exchange twice yearly. It is your choice as to whether you would like to exchange a Tea Cup or a Mug or both. I chose to exchange a Tea Cup. My collection of Tea Cups has grown and so has my friendships.

I was so delighted when I came home one afternoon to find a box with my name on it and filled with so many wonderful things from Deborah
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Her blog is chalked full with so much goodness. She certainly must have prayed for specifics to fill my box with as each and every gift spoke to ME!

She adorned my box full of goodies with scripture.

I had so many nice treasures that I cannot list them all. From journals to Bible Study book. Coffee, teas, and yummy things for my tummy as my grands would say. A beautiful pink scarf that I totally adore and even some precious paper flowers.

This print is so precious to me as it has the word HOPE. HOPE is the word that the Lord gave to me for 2018. 

Deborah's generosity and kindness was very appreciated and loved.

My sweet lady that was given to me to send a lovely tea cup to was Peg Sanson. Peg does not blog but since we are allowed to list snippets of things we like I had a good idea of what Peg might enjoy. I found the tea cup at an antique store and I fell in love with it.

 I thought the box of girlfriends butter Shea soap was just adorable and I love oatmeal and coconut products so I had to send Peg a bar of that as well.

When I found out that Peg likes to collect and share recipes I purchased her a "Sweet" cookbook that so happens to be written by two of my friends. I even have a few goodies posted in that sweet cookbook too. 

The next thing I knew I was scooping up material as she likes to sew and fruity teas for her new darling cup. She is adding some Pioneer woman decor to her kitchen and I couldn't resist the Pioneer Woman measuring spoons. I found several other cute things I thought she may enjoy for her kitchen like a cute oven mitt and kitchen plaque. I wanted her to feel pampered so I got her a little pampering box of goodies. I added several other things to her package of goodies and wrapped each one.  My prayer was that she would be feel blessed. I received the sweetest thank you card from her and my heart was filled. 

Here's the thing about the exchange. You are only required to send a tea cup or mug along with a coffee or tea. Anything else you'd like to do is up to you. But, the whole reason for this precious exchange is to make new friends, lift one another up, encourage one another, do something fun and different and to feel that YES, you are special. And the TRUTH is....YOU ALL ARE SPECIAL. Our Lord thinks you are so special that He designed you and created you Himself. You are HIS Masterpiece. He loves us so much.   

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DEAR STEPHANIE for making this happen for us. You are truly ONE IN A MILLION

Join Stephanie on Thursday this week to see all the lovely tea cups and mugs exchanged.

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

May 7, 2018

{The Sweet Life}

 I have been enjoying the "Sweet Life" with family. A field trip to "Sweet Pete's" was in store with my granddaughter, Mallory Grace. 


Mallory is the tallest one in the picture. She's about to catch up in height with Nana. We enjoyed a luncheon there to begin our day and then we watched how candy was made.

Honestly, I think the field trip was for me. I was intrigued by all the details involved in candy making.We participated in a Science project involving candy and we learned how to make lollipops. We were also given a tour of behind the scenes in the candy making factory. Very interesting to say the least.

We were allowed to carry other family members so two other grandbabies got to enjoy the day as well. 

The colors used throughout Sweet Pete's and the decor is amazing. Every kind of candy that you can imagine is available. And just so you know....the Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels are sooooooooooooooooo GOOD! 

I am teaching the youngest grandgirl how to put on lipstick. You are never too young for lipstick. LOL! 

Even Nana had to make a lollipop. 


 My niece made this adorable cake.

My granddaughter Kyleigh will be celebrating her 7th birthday on May 16 but with a new baby due in a few weeks we decided to have her party a little early. So we partied like a pineapple

We had a crowd and everyone enjoyed their time together. Pulled pork sandwiches, chips, dip, drinks, punch, cake and ice cream. Of course the kids enjoyed the water slide, corn hole, trampoline and volley ball. The adults enjoyed visiting. 

And if that bottom picture of those sweet kids praying doesn't melt your heart then you need some CAKE and ICE CREAM.

Happy birthday to our fun loving, never meets a stranger, loves everyone, sweetest personality, KYLEIGH

I promised to show you the latest kitchen wall decor when I was through with it. But, first I must tell you that my sweet friend Kitty was my inspiration for this.  Be sure to pop over and visit with Kitty. I call her the baking queen.

On a blog post on March 6th I had posted about my kitchen makeover and the things that I was doing.  Kitty said, Cindy, I can't wait to see what changes you are making in the heart of the home.

As soon as I read her words it hit me like a ton of bricks. My KITCHEN is the heart of my home. Our family life revolves around my kitchen. Whether it's baking, cooking, harvesting herbs and veggies, feeding my family which is every Sunday after church or merely just talking and oh does my bunch do lots of talking, our kitchen is our gathering place. Not only has a many of dish been prepared in my kitchen, but so much laughter, talks, decisions being made and even tears has graced my kitchen. I decided to design my own Kitchen wall decor that speaks from my heart because my kitchen is indeed the HEART OF OUR HOME.

YES, this speaks truth for my kitchen.

 I found a 16x20 gray frame at Walmart and my chalkboard print looked perfect in it. It now hangs on my kitchen wall. 

I'd like to leave you with a poem today. I did not write this but it speaks my heart. 

Bless my little kitchen Lord, I love its every nook. And bless me as I do my work, wash pots and pans and cook. May the meals that I prepare be seasoned from above; with your blessings and your grace but most of all with your love. As we partake of earthly food from the table with such a spread, we will not forget to thank You Lord for all our daily bread. So bless my kitchen Lord and those who enter in. May they find nothing but joy, peace and happiness within. AMEN 

 Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Apr 30, 2018

{Chair and Hutch Makeover, Brownies and Life}

In the midst of my many makeovers I managed to get another chair painted. Remember the one I painted blue? Which I love how it turned out. 

I adore how the blue turned out. I have several of these chairs I use for various things so decided this one needed to be white for my kitchen.

This poor chair was weather WEARY so it took a good two coats on it. But the white gave it some life. It was a dingy yellow by the time I got around to painting it.

My Herb Box redo looked so nice sitting in my freshly painted white chair.

Decided to make a small burlap wreath to add to my chair.

I am happy with this cutie sitting in the corner of my kitchen. Serves as two purposes too. One is for holding my herbs and whatever else I want to put in the chair and should I need an extra chair for someone to sit in, out comes the box of herbs. 

Remember the vintage corner hutch I bought at an antique store? 

That girl took some work! I took the hinges off of the door and went to three local places to buy new hinges. I needed white or at least silver. Well, NO LUCK! Matter of fact the guy at Ace Hardware said, "How old are these hinges? I said, "Well, at the sound of your voice they must be pretty old.". He said that he not seen old hinges like that in a long time. I wanted them that day so I meant I would not be whipped and I did not want to drive another 30 miles to see if I could find some hinges to match the old ones. Off to Walmart I went to buy me some paint with primer in it and that would be good on metal.

I boiled those things for about 30 minutes in vinegar and Dawn dish detergent. Let them cool. Sanded the mess out of them. Cleaned them up and gave each side two coats of spray paint made for metal. YES, I would have hinges on my door that day!

I had already purchased this sweet little knob at Lowe's earlier for my door on hutch. 

I am proud to say that little vintage corner hutch is complete. I have only one thing on the hutch at this point but isn't that just the cutest clock scale ever? I spotted this Kirkland's and I am pretty sure I heard it whispering...
"Take me home, take me home, take me home".  

New hardware has been purchased and installed. That was an all day job!

I kept this sweet thing one day last week and we had a tea party, played dress up, put on makeup, played outside, eat Popsicle's and chased butterflies. Such a fun day with her. 

My oldest daughter will be celebrating her birthday on Thursday so we celebrated her yesterday. Each of my daughters, soninloves and grands get to pick the meal and dessert they choose for their birthday celebration. She choose fried fish, hush puppies and cheese grits. YUM!  She wanted a Gooey Brownie Pie for her dessert. Oh my goodness! NOPE, cannot leave any at my house because I will eat it all! It was so good. I used a spring form pan to bake it in and it turned out perfect. Recipe can be found on Pinterest. I have it saved under desserts if you just want to pop over to my page and save it.

 My girl is such a sweet servant of God and a wonderful prayer warrior. 
Please join me in wishing my oldest daughter Kristy a happy birthday.

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Hugs and blessings, Cindy